webfolio kiddy modelsHaving a high-quality web portfolio can greatly impact an aspiring model; it gives the client an opportunity to check out their look, as well as how they visually come across on the other side of the camera. A portfolio rich in varying settings and characteristics will display you in numerous lights. Such adaptability of your look will make you sought after, as a client will see that you have the look they’re going for.

At the end of the day, when clients are browsing your portfolio, they want to see how your personality comes across visually. That’s why it’s vital to only feature the best photos of you. With our assistance, you can critically select which images you want in your portfolio. The images must portray you in the best way possible, and as such, should feature on location, studio, close-up, and full-length shots.

Normally, these photos are printed out and assembled in a binder, but these days, it’s just as practical to showcase your portfolio digitally. In fact, the modelling industry expects to you present your portfolio online for easier and immediate access, rather than wait for you to show up with a binder full of photos.

Webfolios are very inexpensive to put together. They are easy to maintain, edit and update. Webfolios also provide a model with the opportunity to add more imagery and showcase a broader range of their looks and talent. The webfolio will also list all relevant info about a model, including their body of work, contact information, age, distinguishing features, etc. These vital details will be in the same spot as your pictures, and can be easily accessed by you and the people you choose at any time, any place, as long as they have online access. Someone can view your digital portfolio from their smartphone if they wanted to.

The most crucial aspect when developing a portfolio is to ensure that you’re using the cream of the crop. Only your best photos should be used, and all of them should be in high quality. Being selective about your imagery ensures that only your greatest shots will be included, and that you’ll be shown in the best way possible, enhancing your appeal to potential clients.

Kiddy Models would be happy to assist you during this part of your journey and help you acquire the experience and tools needed to create the perfect portfolio or webfolio.

If you have any questions about the different types of portfolio, you can contact us for more information.

Printed Model Portfolio

printed modelling portfolio kiddy models

Digital CD Portfolio

digital cd portfolio kiddy models

Modelling Z-Cards

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