Printed Model Portfolio

printed modelling portfolio kiddy modelsA portfolio is necessary for every model. A portfolio is essentially a visual CV, and showcases your skills, adaptability, and looks to potential clients. The professionals at Kiddy Models have been assisting models with high-quality portfolios for a while now, and understands what type of image agencies and clients are looking for. Our group of expert photographers and stylists will aid you in developing a well-rounded portfolio. The needs of such agencies and clients will differ as per the field they’re in. Some may require a complete and thorough portfolio, while others will just want to see a Z-card or headshots. Kiddy Models can help you assemble any kind of portfolio to ensure you’re prepared for any scenario.

When we conduct photo shoots for portfolio work, our models undergo multiple outfit and hair changes, developing a diverse portfolio that presents you in various styles. This will enhance your chances of employment. There are a vast number of genres in the world of modelling and a broader range of tastes in the industry. As such, you might not be enamoured with the way one shot came out, yet to a potential client, it might be the look they’re in search of.

Offering professional images and showcasing them with a dignified approach can enhance your chances of obtaining work. Poor quality shots and selfies aren’t portfolio-worthy and will give an agent the wrong impression, perhaps even make you look like an amateur. A printed portfolio is generally presented in a binder, which should accompany you all the time in case you run into a potential opportunity!
Kiddy Models can help you put together a professional, high-quality portfolio and offer suggestions and advice to help you get a successful start in the modelling world.

If you have any questions about the different types of portfolio, you can contact us for more information.


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Digital CD Portfolio

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Modelling Z-Cards

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