Frequently Asked Questions

Child Models

At Kiddy Models, our non-negotiable rule is that models 18 years of age and younger are not permitted to attend a shoot unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. We believe it is crucial for young models to have stable guidance during this exciting time, and as their primary caregiver, we know you want nothing short of your child’s best interests at heart. A model under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all shoots in order to oversee the content and supervise the progression.

Are there joining fees to pay?
How do I enrol with an agency?
As a model, what can your child expect to earn?
Who is responsible for travel expenses?
Why should you select Six Models?

Six Models is a progressive modelling platform. We are not an employment or recruiting agency. As a modelling platform, we offer complimentary advice and provide you with access to our contact list of Ireland and United Kingdom-based modelling agencies. Six Models’ services are free – you’re not obligated to purchase, rent or join a single thing.