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digital cd portfolio kiddy modelsA portfolio acts as your CV when it comes to getting modelling work. It is a body of work that features your best posts and helps casting directors determine if you have the look they’re searching for. When you start developing a portfolio, it is vital that the pictures you use are professionally shot. In other words, don’t use family photos or Instagram selfies.

Kiddy Models has extensive experience in creating and establishing portfolios. We know what kind of imagery will catch the eye of the right people. Ultimately, a varied picture set that features you in numerous locations and styles that are diversely shot will increase your likelihood of being hired. The will show that you have what it takes, that you can adapt to a scene easily, and that you “get it”. After you have several shots under your belt, you can showcase them in your portfolio and make use of these images to establish the look you’re going for. An effective portfolio will lead to more work and money.

Kiddy Models can provide you with the chance to create a portfolio in a professional photo shoot studio. You can work with stylists and photographers that have worked in such magazines as Elle and Vogue. We encourage all successful applicants to participate in this experience and use it to build a portfolio, gain confidence in front of the camera, and be educated about how the modelling world works.

A printed portfolio is generally contained within a binder and you should have it with you all the time. If you do, you’ll be prepared to feature your talents during an interview or an off-the-cuff meeting. You don’t want to run into the right people and not have your best work to show them.

Digital portfolios are starting to become the norm when aspiring models are trying to get themselves out there. A digital portfolio makes it easy for you to show your best work directly and makes it easier for potential employers to access your work at their discretion if they’re on the hunt for a new model.

Digital portfolios can save you a substantial amount of money and time. With Kiddy Models, rest assured that you have a team that can help you establish the most optimal portfolio possible.

If you have any questions about the different types of portfolio, you can contact us for more information.


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Printed Model Portfolio

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Modelling Z-Cards

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