Age 3-7 Years
Apply here for child models aged between 3-7 years. We require basic model info and minimum one photo taken with the last six months.
Age 8-12
For children aged between 8 -12 there are many opportunities for modelling, especially in catalogues and online shopping outlets. Send a photo today and we'll get back to you soon.
We are the only modelling platform with a dedicated department for twin models. We are interested in twins of any age so please send a photo with both twins in the image and we will be in touch soon.

Kiddy Modelling Platform The UK’s Only Child Modelling Center

Here at Kiddy Models we understand that child modelling is different to any other part of the modelling industry. Child modelling requires a dedication and resourcefulness that is not found in the standard modelling agency, that why we created Kiddy Models. we have a team of experts in the modelling industry and separate department for each age range insuring that you can rest safe in the knowledge that your needs are met.

  • Kiddy Models covers all UK’s major cities
  • We believe child models and there parents should both have travel expenses and accommodation paid for when required.
  • No child models is required to work more than a four shoot or commercial.
  • We deal with child models and TV and film extra for child modelling.
  • You are your child’s manager you decide what jobs you accept from agencies not the other way around
More About Us


Our center provides the following services

Dedicated Model Manager

If you child is lucky enoug to be chosen you will be given direct contact details for a model manager available during office hours

Team Effort

Kiddy Models can’t make your child model on there own; you have to be committed and want to do it. Also we don’t want to hear from pushy parents – your child should want to do it and like being the centre of attention.


Kiddy Models is part of network of modelling platforms which means you are getting the backing and resouces of a whole network

No-Charge Application

Apply today for free. Six Models doesn’t charge a cent or take a commission from new models, unlike other modelling agencies. One of our professional consultants will help you determine if modelling is something you can excel in.

Decide with your heart

We believe no one has your child’s interest at heart as much as you.  We will not contact or scout models; you should be eager and motivated to contact us and use our service.

Modelling Platform

Kiddy Models are the only modelling paltform dedicated to child models. We do not charge fees and are not a recruitment or emplyment company


What looks do Kiddy
Models need to be successful?

Short answer there is no one type of look every company has different requirements. However im sure everyone will understand that does not mean any child can models

Your child will have to have a good temperament, be cute, work well with adults and a smiley disposition always helps.

Register Today Arrange a Call back from a model manager


Its super easy send us a couple of basic snaps and we will see if we think your child has what it takes to be one of the Kiddy 2017 new faces